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How do you draw a sphere 1 "wedge" at a time?

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Chris Gnam
Chris Gnam on 21 Jun 2016
Edited: Chris Gnam on 21 Jun 2016
So to clarify:
I currently have a matlab code that generates a rotating sphere. And I also have an object orbiting around this sphere. (The sphere represents the Earth, and the orbiting object is a satellite.)
What I would like to do is have it so that the sphere is only rendered one piece at at time, based on where the satellite is around the earth. Think of it like the satellite is observing the Earth and creating a model of it. Is it possible to render a sphere like this? One "wedge" at a time?
I've included a picture of what I'm talking about. I don't need anything fancy, I just need to know how to render a sphere one strip at a time like that. I can play with the code to fine tune it later, but I just don't know how to start this type of thing so feel free to answer it anyway you'd like. Thanks for any help.

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