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Matlab instrumental control through USB

Asked by Yijing Fu on 12 Aug 2016
Latest activity Commented on by Vinod
on 13 Aug 2016
I have a Tek function generator. I connected to my PC through USB connection.
Run getResources command and Matlab can find it:
>> getResources(f)
ans =
However, if I tried to connect to it, no connection can be setup. Is this a USB issue or something else?
>> f.Resource='USB0::0x0699::0x034C::C012027::INSTR'
f =
fgen: No connection has been setup with instrument. Type help fgen for more information.


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1 Answer

Answer by Vinod
on 12 Aug 2016

Did you look at the example here:
Make sure you have the necessary IVI drivers installed.


>> instrhwinfo('ivi')
ans =
HardwareInfo with properties:
LogicalNames: {}
ProgramIDs: {}
Modules: {1x18 cell}
ConfigurationServerVersion: ''
MasterConfigurationStore: 'C:\ProgramData\IVI Foundation\IVI\IviConfigurationStore.xml'
IVIRootPath: 'C:\Program Files\IVI Foundation\IVI\'
Access to your hardware may be provided by a support package. Go to the Support Package Installer to learn more.
Installed all available packages from the installer, including NI-FGEN, NI-VISA, NI-SCOPE and etc. Re-run the same command instrhwinfo('ivi'), got the same result (function generator was connected to PC while running this command).
on 13 Aug 2016
Did you install the IVI driver for your instrument. Please contact your instrument vendor to get the IVI-C driver for your instrument.
After setting the resource, did you try connect(f) ? What is the error message you get?

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