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Custom short time spectral processing function and plotting continuous

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Peter on 8 Oct 2016
Edited: Peter on 8 Oct 2016
function [ Mag, Phase ] = magPhase( Frame )
xF = Frame(1:320)*hamming(320);
y = fft(xF);
Mag = abs(y);
Phase = angle(y);
I am trying to input a speech, get 20ms frame from the speech and find the magnitude and time phrase of it. Is that seem to be correct at the current stage?
Furthermore, how to overlap 50% the frame of speech? And what does this mean?
For plotting continuous, how can I do that? For example, i make a for loop and value x will be plotted. Lets say, it ended at a, the next loop will assign a new value to x, I want the next plot starts from a instead of overwrite the figure


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