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Instrument control hangs on tekvisa search

Asked by Jonas
on 11 Oct 2016
Latest activity Commented on by Vinod
on 18 Apr 2017
After moving my matlab license to a new computer, I'm unable to connect to instruments with tekvisa and instrument control. The most obvious error is that instrument control toolbox hangs when I scan for instruments through visa. I have also seen this exception: Exception: PRIVATEFINDHWINFO returned unexpected results or errored out.
Communicating directly with the instrument with a non-IVI driver works. I can also use the tekvisa "OpenChoice" tool to communicate. This is all tested with a Tektronix MSO4104 oscilloscope. I have installed the latest tekvisa and IVI shared components. I use Matlab R2015a with Windows 10.


I encountered the exact same problem with my system. Everything works fine two days ago and nothing changed. Just wondering if you got the problem resolved and how? Thanks, Feng
TekVISA is known to have some bugs with certain configurations. Perhaps you can try my solution below - uninstall TekVISA and install either the Agilent or the NI Hardware Support Package for VISA.

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1 Answer

Answer by Vinod
on 11 Oct 2016

I would generally recommend Keysight (Agilent) VISA or National Instruments VISA. In my experience these are far more mature implementations that implement the most current VISA specification. If you are on one of the new versions of MATLAB, you can start by installing this using the Hardware Support Package . You may need to uninstall Tek VISA to get things working correctly.

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Ok, thank you. That is a workaround that I will keep as the last option. Mathworks still claims that they are compatible with tekVISA so it should work. And it did work before i switched computer.

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