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How to enforce the optimization solver to include some particular x's

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I am working on Mixed-Integer Linear Programming problem using "intlinprog" solver. I want the solver to include some places (let's say place x1) in its solution and find the optimal placement for the rest of the nodes. So, the final solution (x) of the optimization is expected to include some particular x's specified before running the solver as an array. Any way to do so? Thanks

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Alan Weiss
Alan Weiss il 12 Dic 2016
You have some problem formulation in mind that includes a set of "places" or nodes. I suggest that you remove the variables that you want to have at fixed values, and optimize over the rest. That means that you will have to write your objective function to include the fixed places.
If this is too hard, then you can set lower and upper bounds to be equal at the fixed places.
Alan Weiss
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