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Plot two different data having the same xy-location

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Ismaeel il 18 Gen 2017
Commentato: Ismaeel il 19 Gen 2017
I am using the graph plot function to plot some data having the same xy-location. However, I want to highlight some of these data with different sizes so that I can see both data visualized for the same node. For instance, the order of the color in the figure below is RYK, red then yellow and black on the top. The function "markersize" can be used but it changes the whole nodes with the same defined size. Is any way to give different sizes for these nodes? Any idea? Thanks in advance

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Preethi il 18 Gen 2017
you can use hold on functionality or plot the data in different series. Hope the below link is useful.
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Ismaeel il 19 Gen 2017
Thanks Preethi, unfortunately, that only works with plot but not grapgh fn that I am using.

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