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Boosted Generalized Additive Models (bgam) & Parallel Processing

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Hi all,
I'm trying to use the Boosted Generalized Addictive Models (bgam -- package for the first time. This is a big learning curve for me so forgive me if this question seems silly.
I am currently trying to run the test code to learn how the package works. However, I have not set up the parallel processing package with a credit card yet (though it is currently installed). Thus, it seems when the package calls the function "matlabpool," it doesn't recognize it.
I've looked into matlabpool, and I'm curious now if it's necessary for me to pay hourly to use this tool set if I'm not processing on multiple computers. If I validate the parallel processing package and enter my credit card, will it charge me every time I run the script? Is there anyway to set up a GAM model without using this?
Thank you kindly for helping me understand better!

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