How can i store a .mat file into a variable?

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i want get the syntax to store a .mat file into a variable.

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 21 Mar 2017
fid = fopen('YourMatFile.mat', 'r') ;
YourVariable = fread(fid, '*uint8').' ;
fclose(fid) ;
YourVariable is now a row vector of bytes that make up the mat file.
This kind of thing can be useful if you need to transmit a mat file over wireless or Ethernet, but otherwise has limited use.
.... But perhaps the answer you were looking for was just
YourVariable = load('YourMatFile.mat');
Stephen23 on 22 Apr 2020
@Kieran Graham: the recommended approach is to simply load into an output variable
S = load(...);
All of your variables will be fields in the scalar structure S, and are trivial to access.

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