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Stiff Delay Differential Equations

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Ismaeel il 10 Apr 2017
Risposto: Leo Sun il 23 Ago 2018
Does anybody know how to solve STIFF differential equations with delay in time? The solvers in Matlab (dde23,...) are for non-stiff DEs; they cannot be applied to stiff DEs with delay; I have tried all of them. Without delay, my problem can be solved using ode15s, ode23t, but not ode23, ode23tb. Thanks in advance

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Torsten il 11 Apr 2017
radar5 is your friend:
Best wishes
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Ismaeel il 11 Apr 2017
Thanks Torsten for the reply. I have looked at the link and unfortunately, the code is written in Fortran language.

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Leo Sun
Leo Sun il 23 Ago 2018
Hi there, I have a problem solving stiff delay differential equations recently. I just found that there's a paper written by Vikas Agrawal's group and they used a solver called "dde15s" for there calculation.
We can find the paper at the following website:
At the bottom of the website, click "Supporting Information", and download the zip file "", which the dde15s.m is inside (or you may download the attachment form this comment).
But I found a new problem. I try to use dde15s instead of dde23 in my code, then the error appears:
Error using vertcat
Dimensions of matrices being concatenated are not consistent.
Error in dde15s>solextend (line 155)
solout.idata.kvec = [sol.idata.kvec; solex.idata.kvec(2:end)];
Error in dde15s (line 139)
sol = solextend(sol,solex);
In dde15s.m, function "solextend" is for Concatenate two solution structures produced by ODE15S. And the Author said " This function works with ODE15S from MATLAB 6.5, but it may require modifications to work with other versions."
I think the error exist in my code because I use the Matlab 2017a version. So is there anyone can fix that error and make "dde15s.m" fit to the newest version of Matlab?
Thanks for all your help.

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