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How to copy a complex matrix in the workspace to an m-file?

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I need to copy a large complex matrix from the workspace to be saved in m-file as a matrix (notice the complex sign (i or j or 1i) is not multiplied by (*). Part of the matrix is shown in the picture below.
Notice that I cannot use the code used for generating the matrix in the place (m-file) I work on for some complexity reason. Thanks in advance for your help
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Ismaeel il 14 Giu 2017
Thanks Adam, unfortunately, it only saves the real part of the complex matrix. I just tried it.
Adam il 14 Giu 2017
Does Excel itself even support complex data? You can separate it into real and imaginary parts and save those to their own columns.

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KSSV il 14 Giu 2017
A = rand(5) ;
B = rand(5) ;
C = A+1i*B ;
C_str = num2str(C);
C_cell = cellstr(C_str);
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Ismaeel il 14 Giu 2017
Thank you so much KSSV, it works with some changes in the excel file after being saved. Appreciate it. Thanks also go to Adam and Stephen.

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