How to get UCID dataset?

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Shaik Ahmad
Shaik Ahmad on 18 Aug 2017
Commented: Salim Zrouga on 29 Apr 2021
Currently, I am working on image based reversible data hiding. In my base paper, the authors have used the test images from UCID dataset. To compare my technique with the existing ones I need to have same images. In previous papers, the authors have mentioned the links but currently, those are not working. So please give me a way to get that images.
Salim Zrouga
Salim Zrouga on 29 Apr 2021
hey guys, i have the same problem. any one find a solution ?

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Answers (1)

Li on 26 Sep 2017
Can you download the UCID database now? I have tried the download link many times, but it is still not working.
Salim Zrouga
Salim Zrouga on 29 Apr 2021
hi , did you solve the problem ?

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