how to encode a low pass filter to an image

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Hi, I'm quite new to Matlab. im trying to write an encoded code to filter an image. i'm using the following filter code. filter = 1/9 * [1 1 1; 1 1 1; 1 1 1];
i get the message "matrix dimensions must agree", how would you go about filtering a whole image? do i have to loop it somehow? thanks
Christoph F.
Christoph F. on 17 Oct 2017
Edited: Christoph F. on 17 Oct 2017
Use the filter2() or the conv2() command to apply the filter.
The mathematical operation that applies a filter is convolution, not matrix/vector multiplication.

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KSSV on 17 Oct 2017
You can do this using blocproc. Read about blocproc.

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