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Print PDF exactly as in figure window

Asked by Nike Dattani on 11 Nov 2017
I have transparent filling in some parts. Running export_fig gives:
Warning: export_fig currently supports transparent
patches/areas only in PNG output.
To export transparent patches/areas to PDF, use the print
print(gcf, '-dpdf', 'name.pdf');
But that command gives:
Warning: The figure is too large for the page and will be cut
off. Resize the figure, adjust the output size by setting the
figure's PaperPosition property, use the 'print' command with
either the '-bestfit' or '-fillpage' options, or use the
'Best fit' or 'Fill page' options on the 'Print Preview'
Every "solution" suggested online messes up the figure. The PDF is either cut-off, or the arrows and text annotations are not in the positions they were in Figure Window.


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