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Index exceeds matrix dimensions det

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An Chan
An Chan il 14 Dic 2017
Modificato: Jan il 14 Dic 2017
D is matrix right? why det(D) not work someone help me

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Ahmos Sansom
Ahmos Sansom il 14 Dic 2017
Check the condition cond(A) or try 1/det(A):
Or Wiki!

Jan il 14 Dic 2017
Modificato: Jan il 14 Dic 2017
You have provided very few information, such that the readers have to guess. My idea:
You have defined "det" as a variable before:
X = randi([1, 100], [3, 3]);
det = ones(2, 2);
det(X) % Indices out of range
Check this by typing into the command window:
dbstop if error
Then run the code again and when it stops, check what "det" is:
which det -all
If this is the problem, the solution is easy: Do not shadow built-in functions by local variables.

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