My function is not working as it stated in question

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Sashi Kumar
Sashi Kumar on 29 Dec 2017
Edited: Sashi Kumar on 29 Dec 2017
This is my question:
Write a function called fare that computes the bus fare one must pay in a given city based on the distance travelled. Here is how the fare is calculated: the first mile is $2. Each additional mile up to a total trip distance of 10 miles is 25 cents. Each additional mile over 10 miles is 10 cents. Miles are rounded to the nearest integer other than the first mile which must be paid in full once a journey begins. Children 18 or younger and seniors 60 or older get a 20% discount. The inputs to the function are the distance of the journey and the age of the passenger in this order. Return the fare in dollars, e.g., 2.75 would be the result returned for a 4-mile trip with no discount. The code I done is below
function total = fare(miles, age)
x =2;
if round(miles) <=1
s = x;
elseif round(miles) < 10
s = x + ((round(miles)-1)*0.25);
s = x + 9 * 0.25 + 0.10*(round(miles)-10);
if age <=18 || age >=60
total = s - (s*0.2);
total = s;
fare(1 ,16)
ans = 2
I am getting wrong answer for this code. Somehow the if else statement in age is not functioning. I like to what mistake I done here

Accepted Answer

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 29 Dec 2017
You have
if age <=18 && age >=60
There are no numbers that are simultaneously less than 18 and greater than 60.

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