¿Can I use Cody Coursework with a classroom license?

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Hi, I'm trying to use Cody Coursework but I keep getting a warning message: "To use Cody Coursework, you need a current Support Maintenance Service Subscription". Nevertheless, I checked the license requirements and found that I could use it with "A license for MATLAB student-use software. This license does not require Software Maintenance Service.".
I have my account associated with a Classroom-concurrent license and I was wondering if I could use the tool with this type of license.

Answers (1)

Jeff Alderson
Jeff Alderson on 19 Apr 2018
Juan, yes you should be able to use Cody Coursework with that type of a license. If you continue to have trouble accessing the product with a MathWorks account that is associated with that license, please contact MathWorks support, and include the License number and your MathWorks Account username.

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