Rerun Simulink without compiling

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matquest on 12 Mar 2018
Commented: matquest on 12 Mar 2018
I have some code which uses Simulink and I've noticed that Simulink re-compiles every time I run the code. It takes almost 5 minutes for it to compile which adds quite a bit of overhead, especially if I'm just trying to debug matlab code.
I'm guessing that there's some setting to enable/disable the compilation, but unfortunately I haven't been able to find it. How can I disable the automatic compilation and just manually compile it when I need to?

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Sara Nadeau
Sara Nadeau on 12 Mar 2018
Hi matquest,
You can enable fast restart using the FastRestart model parameter .
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matquest on 12 Mar 2018
Thanks; I'll try it and see how it works. Does it only allow a fast-restart during a single matlab session or can it accept compiled code from a previous session? (e.g., I open matlab, compile and run, close matlab, and then reopen and run the code)

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