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Tom il 1 Giu 2012
i use a few programs including matlab, and the plots MATLAB makes tend to look quite poor. i think it's because there's no 'smoothing' - to use a photoshop term. is there a way to improve the appearance of my plots?
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Matt Fig
Matt Fig il 2 Nov 2012
LOL, I had this morning off, so why not? It would be nice to restore some of what Tom already deleted, so that the Answers search finds these problems that have already been answered for others...

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Oleg Komarov
Oleg Komarov il 1 Giu 2012
No antialis in MATLAB, altough you could use this submission:
And there are some undocumented features:
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Tom il 2 Giu 2012
got that - looks good - many thanks.

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Stephen il 1 Giu 2012
save them as jpegs or something...
you can make lines thicker with the set() command and change the default font and stuff. but for actual data points, unless you want to manually insert fancy objects around your data point 'pblack' is as awesome as it gets. though you could manually set the xlim and ylim to something asthetic


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