How can i display the image position with maximum pixel value?

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if true
%find the max pixel value
max_v = max(max(v));
% find the position of pixels having this value.
[r, c] = find(v == max_v);
How can i display the image position having the above(maximum ) pixel value?

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Jan on 24 Jun 2018
It depends on what "display" means. Maybe either a simple:
or perhaps:
plot(c, r, 'o')
The more specific the question, the more likely is a matching answer.
Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 24 Jun 2018
That is not a matrix. If you look in the workspace panel, you'll see that you have two separate vectors: r and c. It did not stitch them side by side to create a matrix from them as if you had done
m = [r, c];
In that case you would have a matrix, but it did not do that. This is just the normal way to indicate that the function is returning multiple outlets.
Now, if you had done either of the things Jan suggested, I think that at least one of them would be what you wanted. Are you going to try them?

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