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How to solve FTP error when building the model

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Jooa Pursiainen
Jooa Pursiainen on 25 Jun 2018
Answered: Chokri Khalfet on 8 Dec 2018
I'm getting the following error when building the getting started -demo
I'm using windows 10, Matlab R2018a and Parrot Mambo minidrone. Firmware installing and bluetooth connection works fine. I've made the exceptions to the firewall, adviced here: How do I resolve this error regarding Java and FTP connection when trying to deploy models to my Parrot Minidrone?, I've installed the factory firmware to the drone and flied with the flypad and then installed the simulink firmware back again and I get always stuck at this point. I'm using a university's computer so is it possible that there is some setups I haven't checked or has anyone any other ideas?
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Ankur Bose
Ankur Bose on 5 Sep 2018
Hi, This issue has been resolved in MATLAB R2018a update 5.
Please download the update from this location and install it. The issue should be resolved

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Chokri Khalfet
Chokri Khalfet on 8 Dec 2018
I have the same problem, you have to disable your firewall




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