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how to add numerical results to legend in matlab plot?

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I'm a beginner of matlab ...
I would like to add variance value below the mean value in the legend in my plot,
I tried the following codes, but it only displays the mean value, it doesn't display the variance value... ==
How can I add variance value to it?
Thanks a lot :)

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Star Strider
Star Strider il 22 Ago 2018
I would use the sprintf (link) function to create a string, then use that string in the legend.
lgdstr = sprintf('\\mu_1 = %7.4f\n\\sigma_1 = %7.4f', mean_bl, std_dev_bl);
Change the format descriptors to get the result you want.

Arie Lerner
Arie Lerner il 22 Ago 2018
OK, so what you need is make legend entry multi-line, right? One way to do it is introduce char 2xN char array, for example: ['first line';'secon line'] The problem is that your lines must be of the same length (otherwise it would not be an array) Here is an example: char({['mean=',num2str(mean(x))];['std=',num2str(std(1:10))]}) Here I used 2 lines with different length as input to a "char" function that converts it to an array. Char function also pads shorter lines with white spaces at their end. Curly braces mean I put the lines in cell array - cells allow combining different types of variables in same cell array (and different lengths of strings, obviously)

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