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Matlab not responding, warning 'printer startup is taking a long time'

Asked by Handing Sun on 2 Nov 2018
Latest activity Answered by Jian Tian on 19 Nov 2019 at 0:34
Why my matlab R2018b on Win10 get stucked after running any code, then after about 10 minutes it shows the following:
Warning: Printer startup is taking a long time. Check
whether your default printer is online. Or set your default
printer to print to PDF.
I check my win10 is setting printer as 'Microsoft Print to PDF', and the function 'printopt' gives
Is there any setting wrong causing this issue?

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I did not find out how to solve this.
But after re-install my windows, the problem was fixed

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2 Answers

Answer by Amjad Khan on 5 Dec 2018

I faced same strange problem, however, by setting a default printer from the control pannel has fixed the issue.Capture.PNG

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This does not fix the problem for me.

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Answer by Jian Tian on 19 Nov 2019 at 0:34

I often faced the same problem once changing Wifi environment. You can close Wifi to try again when open MATLAB, and it worked in my computer.


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