create indexes of x in a for loop

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Nikolas Spiliopoulos
Nikolas Spiliopoulos on 14 Nov 2018
Hi all, I am trying to create and save some x values in an array in a format of A=[x(2)+x(3);x(3)+x(6);x(4)+x(9)];
so I tried something like that
for i=1:3
y=@(x) x(i+1)+x(3*i);
however I get for each i the same expression,
Is there any way to do that?

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Stephen on 14 Nov 2018
Edited: Stephen on 14 Nov 2018
It is not very clear what you are trying to achieve, but it is possible to store a function handle in a cell array:
C = cell(1,3);
for k=1:3
C{k} = @(x) x(k+1)+x(3*k);
Although to be honest it is not clear why you are defining a function handle at all. If x is already defined, why not just get the numeric values directly:
N = nan(1,3);
for k=1:3
N(k) = x(k+1)+x(3*k);
Nikolas Spiliopoulos
Nikolas Spiliopoulos on 15 Nov 2018
well my problem is, if I have a symbolic variable x,
is it possible to create somehow something like
A=[ x(1)+x(2) ; X(3)+x(4)] etc.
by using an index i for example?

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