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How do I download MatLab packages?

Asked by Michael Alves on 3 Dec 2018
Latest activity Commented on by Kojiro Saito on 5 Dec 2018
I am trying to download a specific MatLab package and being decently new to MatLab - I have no idea how to get it to work. There is no exe file or anything that denotes usefulness in "downloading" it into my MatLab software. The package in question can be found [here]. It is called MetSign - open-source made by UL and I would like to check it out. Thank you for any help.


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1 Answer

Answer by Kojiro Saito on 4 Dec 2018

You can find "download" link on the center of the page you mentioned (URL).
After about 10 seconds, you can download file.


Sorry if I was not clear. I have the folder downloaded, but it's just a collection of files. These files should make up an add-on feature onto the MatLab GUI. I'm not sure how to do this besides using each file individually (which does not work).
I searched several web pages but couldn't find any readme file nor demo. I think it would be better to ask in sourceforge page or contact the author.
After extracting, navigate to MetSing\System folder, and some GUI appears when run the following command. But I'm not sure how to use it properly.

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