How to combine arrays using NaN?

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I have two arrays, one longer than the other. The long array is sequential from 1 to some value, with NaN filling some elements instead of the value of that element. The length of the short array is the length of the long array without the NaN elements. How do I combine the arrays so that the new array will be the same length as the long array, and will have NaN in the same elements as in the long array, and the data from the short array in the rest of the elements?
A = [1 2 3 NaN 5 6 NaN 8 NaN 10];
B = [96 12 83 71 34 64 21];
FinalArray = [96 12 83 NaN 71 34 NaN 64 NaN 21];

Accepted Answer

Daniele Mascali
Daniele Mascali on 12 Dec 2018
One possible solution:
FinalArray = nan(size(A));
FinalArray(find(not(isnan(A)))) = B
Sean O'Donnell
Sean O'Donnell on 13 Dec 2018
Thank you. That worked.

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