Store the objects you create and then pass them into another function

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Hi everyone
i have the following code, and what i want to do is somehow make it update each time the value of the component i move, not only the last one. Can anyone help.
function test3
close; clear; clc;
compnum = 2;
compdata = [1,0.5,4,4;5.5,0.5,4,2];
for i = 1:compnum
h = imrect(gca, compdata(i,:));
function pu(pos)
compdata(i,:) = getPosition(h)
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Jan il 15 Lug 2012
The tag "matlab code" is meaningless in a Matlab forum.
"clear" on top of a function is useless, because it clears all variables from the currently empty local workspace of the function. I'm convinced, that "close" and "clc" are not useful also.
What does "somehow make it update each time the value of the component i move" mean? What did you move and how do you do this?
Raldi il 16 Lug 2012
Sorry for the wrong tag, and yes you are right about the clear and clc, i forgot thrm there from a previous try when this was not a function. I think i solved the problem though. Thanks for the help anyway

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