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how to set projection of point cloud visualization?

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I'm using pcplayer to visualize a colored point cloud.
player1 = pcplayer([-1 1],[-1 1],[-1 1]);
I cannot find a way to set projection and camera angle for pcplayer - is it possible? If not, is there another solution?

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Anand il 7 Gen 2019
You need to use the axes of the pcplayer object.
For example,
% Create a pcplayer viewer
player = pcplayer([0 1], [0 1], [0 1]);
% View a point cloud
view(player, rand(1000,3));
% Query camera view angle
% Set camera view angle
camva(player.Axes, 15)
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Valter Hesselmark
Valter Hesselmark il 7 Gen 2019
Thanks, perfect. And to set projection it seems
works. Ok I think I get it, thanks!

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