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The values of desired_speed and desired_trq are 1 & 99, the typedef is PERCENTAGE which of integer type,but while simulating it is showing fraction values, Is this something to do with the "PERCENTAGE " typedef ?

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typdef definition of PERCENTAGE in .m :
PERCENTAGE.WordType = 'uint16';
PERCENTAGE.DataTypeMode = 'Fixed-point: slope and bias scaling';
PERCENTAGE.Signed = 0;
PERCENTAGE.WordLength = 16;
PERCENTAGE.ScalingMethod = 'gain/offset';
PERCENTAGE.Gain = 2^15/100;
PERCENTAGE.DisplayMin = 0;
PERCENTAGE.DisplayMax = 199.9;
PERCENTAGE.DisplayPrecision = 8;
PERCENTAGE.Description = 'This is the percentage datatype';
PERCENTAGE.DisplayUnits = 'percent';

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Mark McBroom
Mark McBroom il 5 Gen 2019
You have specified PERCENTABE to used fixed point data type. Simulink is showing you the floating point equivalent of the integer value after applying the specified slope and bias scaling.
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Manjunath Bhimalli
Manjunath Bhimalli il 8 Gen 2019
I am expecting integer 1 as 1.00000000 in fraction not as 1.0009765625 with the same 'DataTypeMode = Fixed-point: slope and bias scaling' is that possible?
Mark McBroom
Mark McBroom il 8 Gen 2019
With the gain you have selected, it is not possible to represent 1.000000
The LSB of the integer representation is bit = (1/2^15) * 100
327* bit = .9979
328*bit = 1.0010
You will need to select a different scale factor if you need to represent exactly 1.0000000

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