how to use matlab to select processor for the implementation (in hardware) of a script

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I have a script, that I will eventually put inside a microcessor. Is there anything I can do in matlab in order to obtain some info about what type of processor I need to choose (clock speed (MIPS), single/multiple core, SRAM, etc)
I used
LASTN = maxNumCompThreads(1);
in order to force the use of only 1 thread, and extrapolate flops operations to runing time using clock speed in order to obtain an aproximation and then divide it by target processor clocks speed, so i can obtain an estimation of running time there, but as you can expect, I didn't get reliable results. For instance, in my 2.7 Ghz Intel Core i7, my script took 10s to run, Now, by doing this:
cs=3300;%MHz, that is the frequency at which it run the script
target_p=40*1e6;%Example MIPS
So, if this is correct (which I don't think so), my 10s script will take 14 min to run in a processor with 40 MIPS.

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