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generate Matrix using Combination

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Raghwan Chitranshu
Raghwan Chitranshu il 25 Gen 2019
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Hello all,
I wanted to know how to gnerate a binary matrix using combination number of rows and columns
Suppose I want to generate a matrix of 16 columns and 6 rows and wanted to maintain number of 1's in each column to be 3. Then I want to generate a code which must be using combination of 6(number of rows) and 3(number of 1's in each column). So answer is 20 combinations, in that I want to use only 16 combinations as I am having only 16 columns.
Can any one help me.
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Gani il 15 Feb 2019
Is this something you want ?
function mBinaryMatrix = BinaryRandMatrix(nRows, nColumn, nNum)
mBinaryMatrix = zeros(nRows,nColumn);
for i = 1:nRows
rColumn = randi([1 nColumn],1,nNum); % want to have only 3 1s in each row- so give nNum = 3
mBinaryMatrix(i, rColumn) = 1;
end % mBinaryMatrix
Example :
mBinaryMatrix = BinaryRandMatrix(6, 16, 3);

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