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How do I create and use custom model from .ssc file?

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Susan on 14 Mar 2019
I'm trying to create a customized vccs.
  • Matlab version R2016b (
  • I copied the code from Simscape - Foundation Library - Electrical Sources - VCCS
  • In the matlab editor i pasted the code and made changes. I could not save with extension .ssc so i saved with .m.
  • In the computer finder window i changed the name to ..../MATLAB/+MyPackage/+MyVCCSv1/MyVCCSv1.ssc without error.
  • Now i can open, edit and save the file MyVCCSv1.ssc without errors.
  • From the directory ..../MATLAB/+MyPackage/+MyVCCSv1/ i ran ssc_build without errors.
  • Now there is a folder sscprj added to .../+MyVCCSv1 directory.
So far so good. Now I'm stuck. I have a simscape model where i used the original foundation library block and i'd like to replace it with the custom version. How do i create a symbol from the .ssc file? How do i find and instantiate the symbol into the the simscape model?
Thanks in advance,


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