How to treat a given column in a sheet from Workspace as a variable?

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FW on 7 Apr 2019
Edited: FW on 7 Apr 2019
I am generating exponentially modified Gaussians (EMGs) from a simulation and wish to do FT on a selected sheet in the Workspace using another simulation file. The output from the exponentially modified Gaussian simulation generates produces columns in the Workspace. I wish to use one the sheets from the first simulation in the Workspace, call it EMG (7000x1), for further processing for FT. What command can I use directly so that the FT simulation file can read the sheet EMG(7000x1) and assing it a variable name as "RawSignal"? I wish to keep the two simulations code as separate files.
FW on 7 Apr 2019
I am a chemist and self-learning MATLAB. Is it possible to do what I was thinking in the original question, even though it may not be the best approach.

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