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Changing the MATLAB LOGO of saved .mat files to become "my GUI Application logo"

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mohammad ibrahim
mohammad ibrahim on 8 May 2019
I have created an application using GUIDE. I have successfully changed the matlab logo for my GUI figures to become "my application logo". Using this application, users can save their project, so when they do so, GUI will save all data as .mat file
1) can I change the matlab logo of the created .mat files to become "my application logo" ?
2) is it possbile that when the users double click on the saved ".mat file" , the GUI application will run and it will load the .mat file ?
can you please help me with these 2 issues ?
(I am using R2018b)
thank you in advance


Rik on 8 May 2019
This is possible, depending on the OS the users are using, and whether or not they have installed Matlab themselves. These are not Matlab settings, but OS settings.
mohammad ibrahim
mohammad ibrahim on 9 May 2019
thank you. so if on WIndows, and MATLAB is not installed, can I do this logo change using my GUI application ?
thank you

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