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How can I plot pre-calculated y and x values against each other in a simulink graph that is not dependent on time?

Latest activity Commented on by Fangjun Jiang on 23 May 2019
I want to know if there is a way to plot pre-calculated y-values against the related x-values that is not dependent on time in a graph/plot/scope in Simulink.
I'm working with a Electric Subsea Actuator and need to make a torque profile for the motor based on the length the stem has moved.
I have calculated the required motor torque that each operational scenario needs (Crack Open, Running Open, Running Close, Pinch Close), and know how much the motor torque that is applied for each distance. I managed to plot it in MATLAB using plot, but I want to know if I can plot in Simulink as well.
Torque values: [0,11.5,9.4,1.9,1.9,-0.7,-0.7,6.1,6.1] (1x9) [N*m]
Stem Length values: [0, 1e-3, 19.9e-3,(19.9e-3+0.0000001), 188e-3, (188e-3+0.0000001), 356.1e-3,(356.1e-3+0.0000001),376e-3] (1x9) [mm]
I want the graph to look similar to the attached figure.


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Answer by Fangjun Jiang on 20 May 2019

The "XY Graph" block might be used.


I have tried without success.
I tried to put all the 9 Stem Length values into a MUX to get the x-values into a vector. Then I took the Torque values into a MUX to get the y-values. Then I took the two MUX outputs into a XY Graph, but an error occur which I could'nt find an answer to solve it.
Any suggestions or recommendations?
No need to do that. During the simulation, as long as those x and y value pairs are used, The "XY Graph" block should give you the desired graph, although sometimes there are extra traces, because the order of the x and y value pairs may jump around.
See the example model in the document

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