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Placing the element to the specific area if the condition is satisfied.

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Abdul Mannan
Abdul Mannan on 16 Jun 2019
Commented: Abdul Mannan on 20 Jun 2019
I want to write a code for the below problem. A rectangular area is assumed that encompass the area (C) of my problem. The area that are outside of area (C) are represented by exterior, E. The rectangle is the sum of C and E.
The condition is as follows-
In exterior E : e > 0 (e is the deformed distance in my problem)
In actual contact C : e ==0
If e > 0, the element is in the exterior, E
And, if e == 0, the element is in the contact, C
How to write a code in matlab for such a case?

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Suryaansh Mata
Suryaansh Mata on 18 Jun 2019
Define the area of the rectangle using the two parameters 'x' and 'y'. Now define the range for x and y for the regions E and C. Next make use of AND, OR operators in the if elseif else check blocks to incorporate the logic. A sample example can be.
0 <= x <=10
0<= y < 5 consists of area E
5< y <= 10 consists of area C
This is the region of the rectangle
Now make use of the if conditions as follows
if (y<5)
area is in E
elseif (y==5)
area is in contact
area is in C
This should be a correct approach to the given problem
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Abdul Mannan
Abdul Mannan on 20 Jun 2019
Thank you Suryaansh Mata for the answer. I have presented my problem again alongwith the code that I have written.
Assume total area of rectangle is Q which is the sum of the area of ellipse (C) and the area of outside of ellipse (E). The rectangle is discretised as follows-
mx, my = total number of discretization element in the x and y directions, respectively.
xl, yl = coordinate of the lower left corner
xh, yh = coordinate of upper right corner
dx, dy = x and y length of each element
I want to write a code that will satisfy the following conditions-
If e > 0, the element is in E.
if e == 0, the element is in C.
Can you please see the below code whether it is correct or not? A major problem I am facing is how to represent the element is in E/C within if statement ? And also, can I express gx and gy with Q as I have writted in the code? Thanks again.
gx = xl:dx:xh; % the elements in the x direction
gy = yl:dy:yh; % the elements in the y direction
Q = [gx; gy]; %%% is it correct to represent gx and gy?
%%% is the Q here represent the rectangle properly?
for i = 1:length(gx)
for j = 1:length(gy)
if (e>0)
E(i,j) = Q(i, j)
if (e == 0)
C(i, j) = Q(i, j)

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