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Simulink canvas does not update until I go up a level and then back into the subsystem.

I have a subsystem inside of a Simulink model. When performing any GUI action such as resizing a block, moving a block, connecting or disconnecting lines between blocks, the changes do not show until I go up a level and then back into the subsystem. I have waited as long as 30 seconds to see if the refresh was slow, but nothing changed.
Once exiting the subsystem and re-entering, the blocks are positioned as I had drawn them. Pressing Ctrl+K does not redraw the blocks- they stay in the old locations.
There are no warnings or errors in the MATLAB command window during this process.I have closed the model, run bdclose all, and reopened the model with the same results.
I do notice that as soon as I move a block, the model is marked as dirty instantly (as its supposed to).


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Answer by MathWorks Support Team on 19 Jun 2019
 Accepted Answer

This issue is probably due to Simulink customizations.
I would suggest you to execute the following command in MATLAB command prompt and check if the issue pesists:
>> sl_refresh_customizations
The above command should refresh the customizations and resolve the issue.


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