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change time format to seconds

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asad ali
asad ali il 29 Giu 2019
Risposto: Walter Roberson il 29 Giu 2019
i have an excel file which i cant share
i am getting time array (char cells) in this format
"HH:MM:SS/sampling rate"
when i extract data from my excel file
i want to convert every cell of time array in to seconds
can any body help?

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson il 29 Giu 2019
regexprep(YourCell, '/.*$','')
If you have a recent enough matlab then duration() can convert the character vectors. With older matlab you would want to split into components and convert them into numeric and duration() those; or you could datetime() and then subtract off the beginning of the day to convert to duration


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