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Segmentation of B/W image

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Naman Agrawal
Naman Agrawal on 31 Aug 2019
Edited: Subhadeep Koley on 4 Sep 2019
Hi, I want to segment out the bone-discs of the Given image Im2bw etc but not getting the disc seperated can Anyone help me out in this?? have tried almost everything from changing the contrast of the image then gray leveling, imsharpen can anyone help me out in this question??
The Given image is-

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KALYAN ACHARJYA on 31 Aug 2019
"segment out the bone-discs of the Given image"
Can you show us the ROI (use paint or any image editing tool)?

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Subhadeep Koley
Subhadeep Koley on 4 Sep 2019
Edited: Subhadeep Koley on 4 Sep 2019
It is difficult to exactly segment out only the bone-disc area using standard segmentation techniques. The following function might help you.
function [BW] = segmentImage(X)
% X = Input image
% BW = Output binary mask for segmentation
% Auto clustering using K-means algorithm
s = rng;
L = imsegkmeans(single(X),2,'NumAttempts',2);
BW = L == 2;
% Open mask with rectangle
dimensions = [7 7];
se = strel('rectangle', dimensions);
BW = imopen(BW, se);
% Fill holes
BW = imfill(BW, 'holes');
Fig 1. Original Image Fig 2. Binary mask for segmentation


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