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ipcam "Failure to load the converter plug-in."

Asked by Alexander Grantcharov on 14 Sep 2019
Latest activity Edited by Alexander Grantcharov on 15 Sep 2019
Hello all,
I'm trying to connect to an IP Camera in my network in order to do some procesing on the video stream.
I'm using MatLab 2018a. I have the IP Camera Support Package and the Image Acquisition Toolbox installed. (Windows Pro 10 64bit).
when I use the:
ipcam('rtsp://', '<myusername>', '<mypassword>');
I get an error:
Failure to load the converter plug-in.
My camera is HiWatch DS-i22E (HIK Vision). It supports both h.264 and MPEG (mpeg is on the second channel, hence the ".../Channels/102" in the url).
The funny thing is everything works perfectly on my Mac (MatLab 2018a). I'm getting the connection and then the preview, and can acquire frames from the camera. But it just doesn't work on the Windows machine, where I actually need to conduct the experiments. Thinking about it, my guess is there is a problem with Windows' video codecs. I tried installing all kinds of codec packs (K-Lite, and few others), but alas there was no change in MatLab's behavior :(
Any suggestions what I might be missing?


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