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What cut-off of an output actually means in zero-forcing equalization?

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Gn Gnk
Gn Gnk on 9 Nov 2019
Hello ,
i have a project and i was asked to equalize a channel(Καταγραφή2.PNG with zero forcing which i did like this :
i calculated the zero forcing equalizer fk for delay delta=5
where H is the toeplitz matrix of the channel h and e_delta is a vector where everything is 0 except the delay=5 which is 1
So , wrote this code :
e_delta = zeros(1,4*K);
e_delta(kk+4) = 1;
L = length(h);
h_c=[h, zeros(1,L+6)];
H=toeplitz(h_c,h_r); %toeplitz matrix
f = inv(H'*H)*H'*d'; %zero forcing equalizer
Next step: noise output through equalizer:
z=conv(y_noise,f); %y_noise through equalizer
The next question is asking to cut off the output of the equalizer and try to evaluate the input a of the channel . I dont understand what should i do in this part. Any help would be valuable.
Thank you.


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