Can anybody provide me matlab code file for optimization of hybrid electric vehicle powertrain? I am unable to form relations between objective and constraints. I am trying to do optimization using MATLAB optimization toolbo

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% Code for optimization of hybrid vehicle powertrain
Nikhil Chaudhari
Nikhil Chaudhari on 26 Feb 2020
Thank you so much sir for your reply. I have seen that video but I am not getting exactly which constraints you have applied as their names are in the coded fromats( in the video) So could you please enlist the contraints you have applied??
Also I have another querry regarding 'fmincon' code. I am trying to optimize the engine power and motor power in MATLAB using 'fmincon' for problem mentioned in below cited paper. They have tried to optimize engine and motor power by keeping acceleration, speed and gradient as constraints. But the problem I am exactly nnot getting how to formulate the problem. First of all I need to create a design variable file (.m) and constraint file (.m). But I am stucking at creating the function for optimization. There must be a equation that will show the relation between engine power and the above mentioned constraints. Using this I want to optimize the problem in MATLAB optimization toolbox. If I can optimize engine power alone, it would be sufficient for me. So a suggestion from your side is most awaited. Thank you again.
((Wu, Xiaolan, et al. "Application of particle swarm optimization for component sizes in parallel hybrid electric vehicles." 2008 IEEE Congress on Evolutionary Computation (IEEE World Congress on Computational Intelligence). IEEE, 2008.))
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