GPU-based anisotropic filtering of grayscale images

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Preetham Manjunatha
Preetham Manjunatha on 9 Mar 2020
There are quite a number of contribution on sequential anisotropic diffusion filtering. Are there any GPU-based parallel anistropic filtering functions of grayscale images on MATLAB? Please let me know if there are any MATLAB resources that are available.

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Rajani Mishra
Rajani Mishra on 11 Mar 2020
MATLAB has function named “imdiffusefilt” for Anisotropic diffusion filtering of images, but it does not have GPU support for the same. For the list of functions with GPU support please refer below:
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Preetham Manjunatha
Preetham Manjunatha on 11 Mar 2020
Yes, even I noticed the same. Hopefully MathWorks, MATLAB team will include the GPU support in the later release.

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