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Color selection box is empty, no color selection possible

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Andre Gemeinhardt
Andre Gemeinhardt on 3 Jun 2020
Commented: Anthony Nichols on 26 Aug 2020
I think there is a bug in my MATLAB R2019a. When I wanna change the color of a figure plot line, or colorscale, or similar. I click the respective menu icon and then the color selection box opens. I can click a color and press OK, everything is fine.
However, while the first color change always works, sometimes when I try that again at some later point (regardless of trying to change the same color again or the color of any other item) the color selection box just stays blank/empty. See the attaches screen snippets.
That is very annoying as I cannot change colors anymore once that happened. If it happened once it stays like this until I restart Matlab.
Any suggestions?


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Devika Surendran
Devika Surendran on 19 Jun 2020
When you are trying to change the color of a figure plot line for the second time delete the marker which has been created earlier and add a new color marker or use edit marker color option
You may refer to the steps mentioned in the documentation:
If you are still facing the issue then Contact Technical Support

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Anthony Nichols
Anthony Nichols on 26 Aug 2020
I think you have misunderstood the problem. I'm having the same bug on two different machines, both running 2019a.

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