Why the user was asked to install Matlab runtime for my standalone application?

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Dear All,
When I created a standalone application exe file, I used the selection "Runtime is included in the package". But the user got the following error meesage when he tried to run our standalone application exe file:
Error: Could not find version 9.8 of the MATLAB Runtime.
Attempting to load mclmcrrt9_8.dll.
Please install the correct version of the MATLAB Runtime.
Contact your vendor if you do not have an installer for the MATLAB Runtime.
Would anyone know how to fix this problem? Thanks a lot.

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Mohammad Sami
Mohammad Sami on 23 Jun 2020
You may have distributed the compiled exe rather then the installer. When compiling an App three directories are generated.
for_redistribution = contains an installer, which will install your application and the runtime
for_redistribution_files_only = this will contain the compiled exe, you can run this if you download and install the runtime yourself.
for_testing = ....
The "Runtime is included in the package", generates an installer which contains the necessary runtime, which is placed inside the for_redistribution folder.
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Benson Gou
Benson Gou on 23 Jun 2020
Dear Mohammad,
Thanks a lot for your great help. It works now.
You have a good day!

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