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How to shut down connection to Arduino device when the arduino variable is not in the workspace?

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The arduino object is cleared from the workspace, but the connection remains, because I can't create a new connection. MATLAB told me to clear the object in the workspace, but it has already been cleared. Any way to actually shut down the connection other than to restart MATLAB application?
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Rohan Kale
Rohan Kale il 23 Ott 2020
Is there an object exisitng in your workspace that depends upon arduino object i.e. arduino object being its parent object? For instance, have you created any device objects that take in the arduino object as their input arguments?
If that is the case, you need to remove them as well. In order to identify the depependent objects, type in
>> whos
the 'Class' field in the output structure should have values equal to 'arduino' for such objects. Consider clearing them before creating an arduino object afresh.
Hope it helps.
埃博拉酱 il 23 Ott 2020
The trouble is that the workspace is CLEARED, i.e., empty. I have no variables to clear any more.
Whatever, this issue is far too obsolete and I'm not doing what I was doing then any more. Maybe R2020b has fixed this or maybe not, I don't care now. Thank you for reminding me of this should-be-closed issue.

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