Two feature vectors combining Row wise

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Greetings to all,
I need one help, i need to combine the two feature vector, by selecting each one row from two feature vector like in the following form.
A = [ 022.33, 332.22,443.33,1
022.23, 322.23,423.33,1];
B = [232.3,443.2,5323.233,2
C = [022.33, 332.22,443.33,1
022.23, 322.23,423.33,1
Thanks in advance..

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madhan ravi
madhan ravi il 10 Lug 2020
c = zeros(size([A;B]));
c(1:2:end,:) = A;
c(2:2:end,:) = B
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SATISH KUMAR il 10 Set 2020
Hi, Madhan,
Can you pls help me. can you pls share the code for more than two matrix combining
like matrix : A,B,C,D....

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