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Problem on reading a value from a table

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andrea vironda
andrea vironda il 28 Lug 2020
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in a .txt i have this shape:
<rec time="0.000000" f1="-0.000002" f2="0.000987"/>
<rec time="0.004000" f1="-0.000002"/>
<rec time="0.006000" f2="0.000992"/>
<rec time="0.008000" f2="0.000987"/>
<rec time="0.010000" f1="-0.000002"/>
<rec time="0.014000" f1="-0.000002"/>
<rec time="0.018000" f2="0.000992"/>
<rec time="0.020000" f1="-0.000002" f2="0.000987"/>
As you can see "time" is always present, often i have both "f1" and "f2" but sometimes there is only 1.
I've already managed to display datas in f1 and f2 array but i'd need that, if only one between f1 or f2 is present, the missing value must be an average between the f(x-1) and f(x+1).
For example in the second row i have only f1, so f2 would be (9.87e-4+9.92e-4)/2 in his own array.
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andrea vironda
andrea vironda il 28 Lug 2020
I'd associate the time with the present f1 and the missing f2, result of an average.
What do you mean as retime?

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