Matlab GUI problem with multiple panels

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I have created this big GUI(not using guide) that has 3 main panels, each one of them with different axes and buttons. Using 3 buttons you can switch between the panels (the one you want becomes visible and the other two invisible). But i have a problem when plotting some data on one of the panels i noticed that this axes object, belonging to another panel is being affected too (its size changes). I use
Tagx = findobj('Tag','Table');
to find an object. This is the axes affected
hAxesB = axes('Parent', InteractivePanel,...
'Units', 'pixels',...
'Position', [4 4 410 740],...
set(hAxesB, 'Units', 'centimeters');
Has anyone any idea on why is this happening?

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst il 7 Gen 2013
Why are both hAxes and hAxesB in this line:
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Raldi il 7 Gen 2013
It seems that i forgot to change its name, guess i was too tired last night to notice. Thanks for the answer.

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