How to read strings from a txt file?

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Dear All,
I need to read strings from a txt file which contains numerical data and strings. The file content is as follows:
model = [
1.23 45.6 789.0 abc
234.0 56.7 8.91 def
345.0 678.0 9.12 ghi
How can I read the strings and save them in a file called NameList?
Thanks in advance.

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per isakson
per isakson on 18 Sep 2020
Edited: per isakson on 18 Sep 2020
The text file, model.txt, contains the five lines given in your question.
The script
fid = fopen( 'model.txt' );
cac = textscan( fid, '%f%f%f%s', 'Headerlines',1 ...
, 'CommentStyle',']', 'CollectOutput', true );
fclose( fid );
reads that file. Inspect the output
>> cac{:}
ans =
1.23 45.6 789
234 56.7 8.91
345 678 9.12
ans =
3×1 cell array
This is one way to do it.
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Benson Gou
Benson Gou on 18 Sep 2020
Thanks a lot for your great help.

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