Can individual ColSep('solid') & RowSep('solid') be defined in mlreportge​n.dom.(For​mal)Table?

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From Matlab examples on mlreportgen.dom.Table and mlreportgen.dom.FormalTable, the border of cells are overall defined:
tableStyle = {Width('100%'), Border('solid'), ColSep('solid'), RowSep('solid')};
t = FormalTable(data);
t.Style = [t.Style tableStyle];
t.Body.TableEntriesStyle = [t.Body.TableEntriesStyle, bodyStyle];
formalTable = mlreportgen.dom.FormalTable(tbl_header,traffic_camera_data);
formalTable.RowSep = "Solid";
formalTable.ColSep = "Solid";
formalTable.Border = "Solid";
Can the border of each table cell be defined individually? For example, some cell with only the bottom border.

Accepted Answer

Rahul Singhal
Rahul Singhal on 21 Sep 2020
Hi John,
Yes, borders can be defined for each table entry individually. This can be done by adding the Border format to that particular table entry. Doing this will override any border settings coming from the table borders, rowsep, or colsep for that entry.
Below is a sample script:
% Create a report
import mlreportgen.dom.*;
d = Document('myreport','pdf');
% Create a table with solid borders. Also specify solid row and column separators.
t = FormalTable(magic(4));
t.Border = 'solid';
t.ColSep = 'solid';
t.RowSep = 'solid';
% Override borders for a particular table entry (second entry in second row)
te22 = t.Body.entry(2,2);
te22.Style = [te22.Style {Border('double','red','2pt')}];
% Append table to the report
% Close and view the report
Below is the sample output snapshot:

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